Leicester Anglican Cursillo

Leicester Anglican Cursillo

About us

The Leicester Anglican Cursillo Community is made up of Christians from the Diocese of Leicester, who have been on a Cursillo weekend.

Leicester Anglican Cursillo is a Registered Charity and has been in existence since 1993, when it was Gifted to the Leicester Diocese by the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. There is no membership fee, we receive no grants, and we are entirely faith-funded.

Cursillo may only operate in a diocese with the permission of the Bishop – but, it is a ‘lay-led’ organisation. In Leicester Diocese, our activities are co-ordinated by a secretariat consisting of a lay chair (known as the Lay Director) and other lay members – plus one or more members of the clergy from the diocese who act as Spiritual Directors.

What we offer

Our aim is to provide a support network for laity and clergy across the diocese. Where possible we run one or two Cursillo weekend courses a year for ‘new’ participants – with each course catering for up to 16 people. Anyone who is a regular communicant in their church is eligible to attend, but will need to be sponsored by someone who has previously attended the course.

The weekend courses are seen as educational, with 15 talks delivered by speakers from amongst the staff team along with five meditations from the clergy. These sessions are interspersed with group discussion to explore the teaching which has been given.

Ongoing support

Cursillo is not just about running courses. We see the three-day course just as a beginning, and we seek to provide a support network for the 4th day – the 4th day being the rest of our lives. Cursillo offers on-going support by:

  • regular meetings, when we can join together in worship
  • further courses and training – such as Days of Deeper Understanding, or Cursillo Leaders workshops
  • structured support at a more local level by means of small cell-groups, which meet together regularly for ‘group reunion’; a time spent together in prayer and study.