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LAC #46

  Thursday 28th  to Sunday 31st March 2019 at Launde Abbey.

Booking forms available from our Booking Secretary
  Jacqui Johnson

Have you thought of going on a Cursillo week-end? Or know of someone who would?

Find out more from this website under  ‘What is Cursillo’. God could be calling you or a friend to attend!

email:  lacbookings40@gmail.com

Phone Number 0116 4314889

Find out more by visiting www.anglicancursillo.co.uk/what-is-cursillo.php.

God could be calling you or a friend to attend.

Now Fully Booked.

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Page updated 02/03/2019


Please note the website is being updated as aconsequence of, and in accordance with the AGM held on 20th September2018

LAC Constitution Revised September 2018

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Mission Statement

Anglican Cursillo is...

A movement of the Church providing a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action and enabled to share God's love with everyone

What Is Cursillo?

  • Cursillo is a method of supporting and encouraging our lives as Christians.
  • Cursillo (pronounced "kur-see-yo") is a Spanish word meaning "short course."
  • Cursillo in any diocese begins and continues with the blessing of the diocesan Bishop.

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